Birthdays is a special day, and try as much as people do, it is also a day friends, family members and even the celebrants are allowed to be emotional.

Such is the case of teenage actress, Regina Daniels, and in her case, it is not her birthday but that of her mother, Rita Daniels and the young act cannot keep calm.

Regina took to social media to celebrate her mother, Rita, on her birthday. While sharing lovely photos of her mother, Regina revealed how her mother sacrificed her marriage for her and her siblings. She also noted that she sacrificed her career in Nollywood for her.

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My world, my pride, my strength words fail me to say how perfect you are. The journey of Regina Daniels started with a woman (Rita Daniels) you were determined to see me succeed, you dropped your own career for me, took lots of insult from people who now beg to feature me in their movies, you begged for food for your children to survive, you hawked, you carried cement just so we could have a roof over our head, you pushed wheel barrow to earn money, you did lots of hard jobs just for survival… I know that no matter what I do, it can’t repay you for all that you have done. You dropped your marriage for our sake, suffered a lot, you didn’t have a life of your own, you lived your life all for your children ( birth and adopted) You feel my pain even without a single word from me 
Happy birthday my world. 

In another post she shared their love up photos on movie set:

Regina Daniels has a special way of celebrating her loved ones on their birthday.

We reported how she wished she gets married to her elder brother, Sammy West, but for the fact that they are siblings, on his birthday in December 2018. She wrote that:

“Sometimes I wish we were from different parents so I can marry you

But I love the part of my life that we are siblings. God should bless me with a man just like you when am ready to get married Happy birthday to my other half, my twin brother, my partner in crime, you are many in one”

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