In a shocking twist of a supposed “Happy Married Life” for a Nigerian lady, that dream has apparently been crashed after she discovered how her supposed husband-to-be got engaged to another right under her nose while they were planning their wedding.

A Facebook user has shared screenshots of an alleged whatsapp chat between himself and the said Nigerian lady whose aspiration of being a bride was tarnished and it’s all thanks to her prospective husband-to-be.

The lady revealed that she just discovered her husband-to-be secretly married a lady from his hometown while they were planning their introduction.

She was in total shock after she found out and in anger, she sent video recordings of her and the man having sex to the man’s new wife, though she made sure her face didn’t show in the videos.

She went on to reveal that the man later came back begging to remain in her life, even if it’s as just a boyfriend.

See screenshots of the chat as shared by Innocent Tino on Facebook: