A young Nigerian lady has shared a thread on Twitter on how she was saved by her dad from unknowingly transporting illegal substance for someone she thought was her school mate. The incident which happened when Temi was only 16, thought her a big lesson in life.

Twitter has been buzzing over the details of Temi Oladapo’s experience of how she narrowly escaped jail and possible death. According to her, she was preparing to go to medical school abroad when she met a lady at the embassy who claimed to be a second year student at her school.

Thinking she had made a friend, Temi didn’t hesitate to help out when she was asked by her new friend to assist her in taking something to school. Luckily for Miss Oladapo, her father disapproved, saying the item had to be thoroughly inspected first.

On the day of her departure, her new friend showed up with a white substance which she described as milk. Temi, with the advice of her dad turned down the request, only to find out later the woman was lying about being her school mate and apparently, almost had her transport hard substance to a foreign country. Read her post below:

What a great save by her father.