Popular musician Olamide has a track record of releasing songs that have the tendency to ‘raise eyebrows’ in the society. He did this with his hit song Science Student.

The song riled up so much controversy that it was declared not fit to be aired by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

Olamide has released the video (directed by Unlimited L.A) for the song and We has curated four reasons one should watch the video below:

1. The message

Olamide had something to prove with this video. Many had said the song promotes the use of narcotics even though the lyrics say otherwise. So with this video, he had to let the naysayers know that he is against the use of dr*gs.

2. The costumes

The costumes used in this video are not the ones seen on any regular set. Supplied by popular dancer Kaffy, the outfits coupled with make-up made those who wore them look like zombies.

3. The dancers

Everywhere you look in this video, there are dancers. They were more than 30 dancers showing their stuff in the video. At some point, Baddo also joined in the dancing. Kudos to Kaffy for the choreography too. If you want to learn a ‘technical’ way to dance Shaku-Shaku, then this video is for you.

4. The Michael Jackson reference

If you’ve ever seen the video for Michael Jackson’s mega hit song Thriller, then you will recognise the similarities between the two videos. For one, the scenes where the dancers were dressed as zombies is straight out of the Thriller playbook. There is also a scene where the dancers give a choreographed routine also reminiscent of the king of pop’s legendary video.

Watch Science student below: