Fringe asoebi styles have definitely come to be a part and parcel of the asoebi world; it seems many women cannot resist the flowy, girly fashion piece. The beauty of fringe comes from the fact that it cane be added to any part of an outfit and still give it that extra touch.

Some women decide to add it to the hem of their dresses, some decide to add it to the sleeves, while others decide it looks better on the bust area of their outfit.

Regardless of where a lady decides her fringe will be, the key thing is that she ensures that it has the effect she hopes to get from it. Always ensure that your outfit is not overwhelmed by the fringe, so you don’t look like a masquerade, instead of a glam queen.

Cc @iamdivanista clad in @the_maam

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Makeup and gele by @abigold_beauty

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Busayo in Dress by @kelikumefashionandstyling

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