The poor state of the Nigerian economy seems to be affecting the less privileged more than everyone thinks. Some of these people are not employed talkless of having enough money to feed themselves with.

Unemployment has made youths take up all sorts of menial jobs as well as armed robbery. Some are not afraid of killing another human being so they can get money to take care of themselves and that of their family members.

These days, things must have gotten bad to the extent that the so called armed robbers now cart away foodstuffs. A young man has taken to social media to share a story of what happened in his area recently.

Identified as Adetola (@Tola_Shola) on Twitter, the young man disclosed that some armed robbers invaded his neighborhood recently and the only things they carted away with were wraps of fufu, ewedu soup and smoked fish.

Adetola’s post reads: “So a robbery happened around my area in Ibadan and the thieves stole some very unusual stuffs. They packed Fufu, Smoked Fish, Ewedu and it left everyone in a state of awe.

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