A Nigerian lady identified as Sandra Iheuwa has shared the inspiring story of how she became the owner of five companies.

Nigerian lady Sandra shares inspiring story of how she became a CEO of 5 companies
Photo Source: Facebook

The lady owns a hair company, a jewelry company, a restaurant, a clothing store and a non-profit charity organisation.

According to her, she started her business with only fifty dollars (N18,000) in 2012, as a single mother.

Iheuwa noted that after five years of working sleepless nights she is able to afford whatever she wants with five companies to call her own.

She also shared photos of a car she bought in 2008 to compare with her new Mercedes Benz, 2017 model.

Sandra shared photos of her cars
Photo Source: Facebook

Read below:

“2008 OLD BAE VS 2017 NEW BAE……I know cars are not investments but this is a story worth sharing….I started my business in January 2012 with only $50, blood, sweat and tears and being a single mom didn’t make it easy at all. I didnt get no help from no man whatsoever I mean no boyfriend, husband or sugar daddy this was all ME. After 5 years of hardwork and my businesses grew to the point I was able to afford most things so I decided to reward myself. I am a PROUD owner of a 2017 Mercedes Benz it was about time after buying my 2008 CX7 back in October 2008 and drove it for 9 years and people around me were like a whole CEO still driving this kind of car well it was worth it because I don’t go about spending money unnecessary. To all the hardworking women out there especially single moms doing it all by yourselves your breakthrough is near just keep working hard and never give up. I would have never imagined my business I started with only $50 would get this BIG!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!…..In btw who wants the old car? “