We came across the story who was left betrayed by his spouse after he discovered a secret she kept from him. The young man revealed that his wife name their son after her first love.

The upset man had taken to share his story on an Instagram page that shares relationship stories. In the post, the man stated that he feels disgusted and betrayed by what his wife did.

According to him, he had discovered the secret after he and his wife ran into and old school friend. He said his wife who was catching up with the friend had told the lady their 5-year-old son’s name.

The unidentified man revealed that the friend who was shocked asked if she named him after her ex boyfriend in school.

He further noted that his son’s name is a very unique name, adding that he has never met anyone with the same name before.

According to him, his wife has refused to talk to him since he discovered that his son was named after an old boyfriend. He stated that he could never look at her the same way again.

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