Looking at the African tradition and culture, there is always something to fall in love with. The diverse languages, food, entertainment and fashion. What of the sites and landscapes that make you fall in love with just one look?

What about African myths? The stories of culture and bravery, the love stories and even the scary tales told to children in other to get them to behave. Those are the things that make Africa great.

A Canadian comedian who seems to have fallen in love with all things Africa, especially the Nigerian culture has become a favourite of many Nigerians. The comedian known as Ellen Baby makes video skits speaking Nigerian pidgin English.

The comedian doesn’t just do video skits in pidgin English, she also shows that she loves Nigerian food.

Ellen Baby shares photos of herself chowing down on Nigerian cuisines from time to time.

She took the hearts of many Nigerians with her creative and funny skits. She is celebrated for embracing the Nigerian culture.

Aside from celebrating her for her love of the Nigerian culture, the comedian is also admired for her curvy figure. Ellen Baby is a beautiful and endowed lady who shows off her curvy figure with confidence.

Here are some photos of the beautiful lady below: