Every relationship changes a person, either for the better or worse. It could be a romantic relationship or work relationship or even a new friendship. Every relationship has an impact on the parties involved.

couple goals

Man narrates his success after he met his girlfriend
Photo source: Twitter user: Mafelathoro

Like the saying goes ‘the company you keep determines who you are’, the people you love, the friends you keep bring out the best in you or the worst in you.

A South African man who was positively influenced by his partner has shared his story on social media. The young man simply identified as Mafelathoro took to Twitter to share the story of what he achieved since he started dating his girlfriend.

According to Mafelathoro, he met his girlfriend in 2012, and ever since then he has been growing as a person. He expressed that he had just started his economics degree when he met her and she was just starting her studies in law.

He revealed that he recently received news that he has been accepted as a Phd candidate and his girlfriend was also admitted as an attorney of the high court.

He said: “I met my girl in 2012 when I just started my degree in economics and she was starting with her LLB. Just last week I received news that I’m officially a PhD candidate and today she was admitted as an attorney of the high court. Blessings!!!”

couple goals