It turns out Linda Ikeji is n’t the only one celebrating the arrival of her son, her alleged baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremi has also taken to social media to show gratitude to God.

Linda Ikeji turns

Following the rumour surrounding the true identity of media mogul, Linda Ikeji’s son, it appears the alleged father of Jayce Jeremy may have just confirmed this to be true.

Identified as Sholaye Jeremi, the Delta-born oil magnate was first rumoured to be her baby daddy in May, 2018. The speculations only became more intense when she revealed the name of her son which ‘coincidentally’ is the same as the oil mogul.

Well, Sholaye who has kept mum about the whole situation despite the glaring evidence, appears to be opening up and well, he has nothing but gratitude for the ‘new life bestowed on him by God’. In what appears to be the first time, Sholaye seems to be reacting to the birth of his son.

He took to his Insta story to write: ““God has blessed me beyond measures…I thank him for live and my wonderful gift he bestowed on me this month.”

God has blessed me beyond measures - Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy says

Screenshot of his post on Instagram
Source: Instagram

Recall a while back, a member of a popular online forum came up with claims that the Delta born oil magnate was responsible for Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy. In his words, ”Linda Ikeji is pregnant for Sholaye Jeremi, a close associate to Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu. He is from Sapele, Delta state. 100% confirmed.

Speaking on her supposed engagement, the person had this to say:

The funny thing is there was no engagement as Shola will not settle down although he is 40 plus. Jeremi also stays in Ikoyi. Very credible, although Linda is trying to manage the situation but this information is 100 percent credible. You can do your findings as well, but thats the guy.”

While the first part of the puzzle has been solved which is about the identity of her baby daddy, the second part still lingers. Was Linda Ikeji ever engaged or did she lie about that?