Looking to learn more about Fulani dressing culture? Then, you’re right where you’re should be! Fulani people live in such countries of West Africa as: Nigeria, Mali, Sudan, Cameroon, Guinea and Chad.

Fulani dressing culture

Fulani dressing styles and culture

Now it is time to talk about Fulani dressing culture, you will see how beautiful it is and the origin of their attire.

Fulani dressing culture

Let’s start with Fulani traditional dressing. It should be said that there is no just one traditional style of attire in this tribe. The tribe lives among other ethnic and cultural groups and absorbs the traditions of other tribes and cultures. In most cases, dressing depends on living conditions of the area. That is why here we have different styles of Fulani dressing.

  • Guinean Fulani dressing

Fulani dressing culture

One of the features of the attire from this region is a men’s hat. Usually, men of Fulani tribe wear a hat with multicolor design. There is no particular colors set or pattern. Fulani female dressing of this region characterized by ornaments made of henna (handmade natural dye). Women usually decorate their arms, hands, and legs with the ornament. The patterns of such decorations have the meaning that is related to the history of the tribe.

  • Nigerian Fulani dressing

Fulani dressing culture

The Fulani people of this region have several unique characteristics. For example, women wear more head-dresses, they decorate themselves with accessories, beads, and bracelets usually in accordance with their family tradition. There are also hats for men, such a fancy hair covers with colorful insets.

  • Fulani dressing in Western Africa

The feature of this region is long white gowns. They also have special hats to protect themselves from excessive sunlight, we can also see their straw hats. People of this region use leather in their attire to protect themselves from sand and wind. Men usually carry sicks, they put it on the shoulders. Women wear long dresses, decorated with floral patterns and ornaments. Necklaces and bracelets are very popular.

Fulani wedding dresses

Another topic is wedding attire of the tribe. Usually, The bride’s dress is a masterpiece of tribal art.

Fulani dressing culture

Brides attire consist of a white cotton dress, with brightly-colored accents, and of course beaded bangles, earrings, and headbands around her neatly-braided hair. Sometimes they wear large gold jewelry and artsy headpieces. The body of a bride is decorated with henna drawings.

That’s how beautiful and rich the Fulani dressing culture is.