What are the latest African gown designs, you are asking? Well, styles are changing very quickly, what’s been trendy several months ago is no longer fashionable right now. Let’s check out which trends are only gathering popularity among African ladies.

Latest African gown styles

What a gown is for African ladies?

African women wear gowns for their everyday activities and for special occasions like weddings, parties or important dates. These gowns are extremely flattering every line of their bodies. In most cases, they are bright and colorful or, at least, decorated with bright attractive details and accessories.

Several latest African gown styles

Let’s take a look at several most trendy gown styles and their peculiar features.

Contemporary Aso Ebi gowns

Latest African gown styles

Today, Aso Ebi gowns have an utterly flattering cut, run down the body to the floor and look absolutely stunning. They can be made out of any available materials, in any available colors – everything you may want. There are no precise limits to the fashion. You can have practically any cut you like with any decorative elements.

Ankara gowns

Latest African gown styles

These ones have never been out of fashion and will probably never be. They are suitable for any occasion because the diversity of Ankara prints and colors allows any combinations. If you want to be trendy this year, choose a short African gown made out of bright sunny Ankara and combine it with accessories of matching bright colors.

One of the most popular styles for Ankara gowns is a traditional cut with a tight top and a puffy skirt that reaches either the middle of your thighs or your knees, depending on your liking and comfort. However, a pencil Ankara gown with a tight skirt will also look great with high heels and an elegant hairstyle.

Gowns with new prints

Latest African gown styles

Apart from the quite traditional Ankara gowns, African women are already fond of new prints that look like a mixture of Ankara and modern western floral prints. This bright mixture looks perfect in gowns, especially if you have monotone accessories.

Peplum gowns

Latest African gown styles

Peplum gowns are one of the latest African gown fashions and one of the most favorite as well. This cut seems to be created especially for African women with their luxurious body shapes, slender waists and well-rounded hips that are perfectly enhanced with the decorative frill.

Business gowns for working women

Latest African gown styles

These gowns have rather simple cuts and meet certain dress code demands. They are of a medium length, just about the knees, have sleeves in most cases, and a classical skirt. Quite often these dresses are combined with jackets to create an even more official look.

However, they are not a bit as dull and official as western business dresses are. African business gowns are also often made out of Ankara and inspire a good mood even in an official environment.

Gowns for formal dress-down

Latest African gown styles

Formal occasions are a great moment to give a ride to a stunning dress that’s luxurious and elegant at the same time. Gowns made out of bright fabric that looks like embroidered net are one of the most favorite African gown styles ever. They can be long and short, have a luxurious trail, uncover your shoulders or hide everything but stick to your body like a glove – the number of variations is absolutely endless.

Gowns for curvy ladies

Latest African gown styles

Curvy bodies are not rare among African women. However, these are not the curves that should be hidden. These are rather the curves that should be enhanced and outlined prettily. If you have such a body, consider having a floor length bodycon gown that fits all your lines snuggly but has some volume at the top: big sleeves or just a loose top above the tightly fitting waistline.

You will surely look amazing in such a masterpiece. If you choose patterned fabrics, give attention to prints of a medium size. Big ones are able to distort the line visually.

Latest African gown styles

Now, when you know practically everything about the top latest styles of African gowns 2017&2018, you are free to choose what you like best of all and what you would prefer in your wardrobe. The diversity is such that you can easily choose whatever you want for any occasion. Just pick out what you really love and be amazing!