These two women are amongst the most famous celebrities in Nigeria. You see them on TV, hear them on radio and probably even wondered if they related to each other. Some people even started rumors and asking questions like “can Tonto Dikeh be Patience Ozokwor`s daughter?”

Is Tonto Dikeh Patience Ozokwor's daughter?

Patience Ozokwor’s Family

Patience Ozokwor is one of the most respected actresses in Nollywood and has appeared in more than two hundred movies. But even with her popularity, she has found a way to keep her family and life offscreen private. This is why it is hard to find any controversial story about her online.

Patience Ozokwor Family

She was happily married with three children before the death of her husband and went on to adopt one more child into her family; she keeps all her children protected from the prying eyes of the public and paparazzi’s cameras.

You can hear only good stories about her children, but these stories come to light only by chance. Patience Ozokwor does not want to get her family involved in the celebrity lifestyle, unless they decide to.

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dike

You might find yourself confused when you hear a phrase like “Patience Ozokwor daughter’s Tonto Dike.” A lot of people seem convinced that Tonto Dikeh is Patience Ozokwor’s daughter; but how true is this ?

Tonto Dikeh’s story is a little sad. Her biological mother passed away when she was only three years old; she was the third child of her five siblings. Her father remarried years later and was blessed with two more children.

Tonto Dikeh life was not always easy, however, she still worked hard and became a big celebrity in Nigeria. She got married to Oladunni Churchill, and welcomed her first child, Andre Omodayo Churchill, in February 2016. Her marriage however crashed in 2017 after only 18 months.

Tonto Dike and Patience Ozokwor

Tonto Dike and Patience Ozokwor

As you can already tell from the biographies of these two celebrities, they are not related at all. Therefore, the rumors of them being mother and daughter are just the rumors. However, they have worked together in several entertainment projects, one of the most prominent being the release of Patience Ozokwor’s music videos produced by Amaco Investments.

Tonto Dikeh

The duo have never implied that they are related, but there are certain factors that may have sparked these rumors:

They respect each other as celebrities and do not spill dirt on each other, which quite rare in Nollywood!

Some people say that they resemble each other like mother and daughter. This however is not something everyone would agree to, and a very invalid reason to start a rumor.



Even if Tonto Dikeh and Patience Ozokwor are not related to each other by blood, they relate to each other as honorable Nigerian celebrities, respect each other and seem to be fond of one another.