Scientists from Oxford University have published a new report on how to know if your girlfriend will cheat on you.

According to the report, women with a longer index finger and shorter ring finger tend to be more attractive to men, and

The study reports that the findings are in contrast to previously held beliefs that women with shorter ring fingers were actually more womanly.

Scientists previously believed that they’d been exposed to higher levels of female sex hormones in the womb and therefore were “more feminised” and were more likely to be satisfied with romantic relationships.

Being exposed to more oestrogen in the womb leads to women’s index fingers growing longer than their ring fingers, while more testosterone has a “masculinising effect”, resulting in longer ring fingers.

Men with longer ring fingers than index fingers have been found to be better sportsmen.
Eiluned went on to say that women with higher index to ring finger ratios are like to be “more feminized” and more attractive to men.

And because they somehow know that they could have their pick of partners, “this might be associated with dissatisfaction with current partners”, which could lead to “opportunistic mating” and “impulsive” mating with men who are not their official partner.