Relationships are not known to be without problems ranging from infidelity to issues relating to abuse. However, another factor poses to be a threat to a peaceful romantic relationship and that is the availability of money.

Perhaps, this man’s case is no different as he has taken to social media to seek for help concerning his relationship which seems to be going through infidelity issues. According to the man who chose to remain anonymous, his girlfriend has been cheating on him.

However, the 30-year-old man feels guilty about leaving her considering she has stuck by him despite his lack of financial capability. He went on to state that he is contemplating breaking up with her but is scared of taking a decision he might regret in the future.

He wrote: “There is a girl I met at a friend’s wedding sometime last year, she is 24 years and a 200L student while I am 30 years old postgraduate student but an amateur when it comes to relationships. We started dating, at first I wasn’t serious because I don’t have enough money to take care of a girl, as a student sponsoring myself, I hardly have enough money to take care of her needs, she always complain that I don’t take care of her the way her friend’s guy use to take care of her.

I am thinking of quitting my relationship, please advise me on what to do

I am thinking of quitting my relationship, please advise me on what to do
Source: UGC

The girl in question always advice my girl to quit our relationship because I am a broke guy and even if I get a job in future I will dump her for another lady, that I am just deceiving her, nevertheless she do assure her that I will not disappoint her, despite her friend’s advice the love grew even stronger, at times she will buy me some gifts, me too I do buy some for her, having seen the commitment in her, then I started paying attention to her hoping that if things work well I will take her to the alter.

But, there was a day she called me to come and meet her at a particular Junction, on my arrival to the place I saw her exchanging phone number with a guy in car, upon inquiry, I discovered that she did not know the guy before, then I left home quietly she later called and apologized which I accepted. Another time I called her around 10pm and I discovered that she blacklisted my number, she did this twice which I confronted her and suggested that we should quit, she begged me and cried for Africa then I accepted her back

After that, sometimes she will not pick my calls in the night and the following day she will giving excuses that she was sleeping, her phone is on silence or she plugged in her neighbors house etc, I started withdrawing from her, she called me one day and started crying that what her friends were advising her was true, I was just using her, I am just like other guys, she know the reason why I am doing this, is because she asked me to go and see her parents bla bla. To fast forward the story, she login her Facebook account on my phone and she forgot to logout, when I went through her chat I discovered that she use to give people they meet on Facebook her phone number and according to the chat I discovered that she met one yesterday, I also discovered that she is still having an affair with her ex.

Note: Anytime i call her to come to my house she used to come. I feel like quitting the relationship but because of sympathy and I don’t want it to look as if I disappointed her. Honestly I am seriously confused, now my question is this; is it wrong that I went through her chat? Second, what should I do? should I confront her? or should I quit quietly? “