Life may have thrown a huge curve ball at Fanen Terhemen, but this little boy has proven to not only be a fighter but a survivor who’s going to keep living despite his scars. Having suffered a third degree burn when he got involved in a fire accident, his survival story has melted many hearts on social media.

The little boy lost his hand in the fire which left his face heavily scarred leading to loss of sight. According to reports, the father of the little boy was on the verge of relocating to the village to face their fate after they were forced to leave the hospital due to their inability to foot the medical bills.

However, a humanitarian identified as Ukan Kurugh got wind of their situation in September 2017 and called on well meaning Nigerians to help. Through the donations from several people, the boy was able to undergo surgery. So far, he has undergone 6 surgeries on his hand and face and this was made possible with the N2m donations sent in by Good Samritans.

Now recuperating from the surgeries, it appears little Fanen is in good spirits, judging from the new photos that surfaced online.

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He will have another surgery in February 2019 for the reconstruction of his nose. Kurugh who shared more details about the progress of the boy, revealed that the hospital had issues with Fanen’s skin grafting/surgeries due to his inability to remain calm and seated in one place.

According to Kurugh, he would go about playing and the sweat usually affects the effectiveness of the grafting. A solution however finally in the form of a plasma TV set donated by a well meaning Nigerian and it appears to have made Fanen calm and seated in one place for more than 3 hours.

Good to see this little fighter getting better!