Call it the effect of modern-day feminism or an overdue rebellion, Nigerian women, not all but most, are angry about a lot of things especially because they have had to strive to survive in a patriarchy society.

Recently, former reality TV star and entrepreneur, Ifuennada, shared an interesting post on her Instagram page and it has a lot of internet folks debating. According to Ifu, some women get overly excited when they get a proposal, acting like the man is doing them a favour when they should take a back seat and leave the joy for the man whom they are sacrificing a lot for.

Based on her post, the ivory single lady suggested that women tuck in their excitement and allow the man be the excited once as he is the one lucky to be getting a yes.

Many have argued that her reasoning on this matter is flawed while some social media users have agreed with her logic.

Read her post below:

Ifuennada reflected her perception where she concluded that a woman being joyous on her engagement ultimately means she feels like the man is doing her a favour, when it could very well be that she is just happy to be with the love of her life.

In reality, when someone is lucky enough to find a loving life partner, there is no saying that happiness should lie with only one party and usually, they are both very happy.

Also, women are more expressive of emotions than men and science teaches this. If a lady or a guy feels like they have hit the jackpot in securing the best partner one could get, then they should react as they want.

Many people have stated that Ifu’s post has a lot of modern-day feminism undertone and conclusively, a line should be drawn. Fighting for gender equality is not necessarily waging a war on the perceived enemy and it is definitely not a pass to feel aggressively superior.

Just recently, a group of social media users almost rained hellfire when Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia, stated that she is not a feminist even though she believes strongly in power of women.