Social media has been abuzz with a recent trend called the #10yearschallenge which involves people posting photos of themselves a decade ago alongside a more recent photo.

The origin of the trend is not quite clear but it has taken social media by storm and even celebrities are not left out.

The challenge is mainly to help people notice how far they have changed in the past 10 years. Some transformations have had people laughing while others have had others thanking God for growth.

Despite that some other people’s drastic change has had several social media users wondering what went wrong and how they were able to reach their present point.

A young Nigerian lady identified as Jane (@Mztuara) on social media left some Twitter users in confusion after she shared a collage of her growth in 10 years. In the first photo, she was wearing a waist length hijab and she was properly covered but in her recent photo, she appeared to be lighter skinned and less conservative in her dressing.

See her post below:

As expected her picture generated a number of interesting reactions and several Twitter users trooped to her post to share their opinion.

Some people commented on her skin tone as they suggested that she lightened her complexion while others were more concerned about her dressing seeing as she used to wear a hijab.

See more reactions below: