It’s Friday, wine o’clock! It’s that time when we sit back and relax from the stress of the week. Fridays are awesome for an evening out with friends and maybe fellow coworkers just to de stress.

 We all know how we all look forward to these evenings. We party on Friday evenings. Friday means cocktails with your girls or a dinner date at that restaurant with your man. Either way, you need some dressing up to do. On Friday nights,office appropriate outfits are shed off and we dress to look bomb.

One of the best things about Friday nights, is that you have no rules as to dress code. You can dress as your mood decides. You can go for a casual look of jeans and a top or you can decide to show off some skin. It’s all left to you.

We have compiled some awesome Friday night style inspo for you. The styles are easy to recreate and quite fashionable too. Check them out below

Layered dress

Striped pants

Bodycon dress

Short skirt

Blue and orange

Two piece set


Green and orange