There is just something cute about parents and kids twinning with their fashion pieces, we absolutely adore them! Y’all already know we love families, dontcha?! Anyways, we can’t help but love the smallest unit in the society, the building block of the society where the child is raised and groomed to be responsible to himself/herself and the society at large.

In as much as that is not the determinant of how tightly knitted that family is, but it does serve to bring more unity and it is also a display of love from the parents

See photos below:

Cc @_its_eyramgh and @_its_enam

Cc @prettylilien

Cc @ceolumineeofficial and her daughter

Cc @gia_casey

Cc @sleekyjmo

Ehijie and his sister with their parents @macveliefashions @macvelie_fashions-

Semilore and Tiwatope with their Beautiful Mum and Dad @bukal22

Picture by @otostudios

Cc @bukola_adeeyo