Nigerians have been known to say things as they are, not minding who would be affected. Once Nigerians have agreed not to like something, they would go all out to criticise it. Social media has helped to make things gain grounds and go viral.

Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola’s daughter better known as DJ Cuppy has ventured a bit from the disc jockeying she is known for to becoming a musician.

The pretty young lady recently became the topic of discussion on social media after her new song Werk started making the rounds.

Several people were of the opinion that she should focus on being a DJ because singing is not her calling.

The negative reviews of her song increased after she posted a video of herself performing the song with a live band in her bid to promote it.

However, in a twist of events, Cuppy took to her Instagram page to reveal that the song has reached one million plays in only a short time.

The excited young lady posted a video to appreciate her fans over the achievement.

Despite the criticism she faced, Cuppy does not seem ready to stop making music anytime soon.