Thursday, January 28, 2021
Funniest Responses

11 Tweets That Prove Nigerians Have The Funniest Responses To Everything (Photos)

What kind of madness be this? Nigerians are the kind of people Kenyans would just love to hate, but when it comes to humor,...

Here Are The Funniest #IfAfricaWasASchool Tweets That’ll Leave You On The Floor (Photos)

On Thursday morning the trending hashtag #IfAfricawasaschool had Tweeps excited to join in on the fun. Whether it was looking at who would be the...

Check out Twitter Naija’s hilarious reactions on the new IPhone 7 (Hilarious Comments)

Trust Nigerians to make hilarious posts about anything! The IPhone 7 got us talking this time. Check out the reactions below. Lailans, which of you is...
Hilarious Pictures

These Are The Most Hilarious Pictures You’d See Today

Think you’re the bomb when it comes to pictures? Well, the images below will give you cause to rethink because they sure beat you...

17 Tweets By Nigerians That Are As Hilarious As They Are True (Photos+Tweets)

1. When you are broke: 2. This subtle shade at igbo names: 3. The fear of MOPOL: 4. The Nigerian “wrong number” epidemic: 6. This Christmas curve: 7. The real use of Nigerian ovens: 8. Flavour’s accurate...

10 funny pictures that only Africans can understand (Photos)

Africa is the second largest continent in the world; it is also the second most populous continent. Although this part of the world is...

Hilarious! Man infuriates Facebook scammer by responding with Adele lyrics (Pics)

A man has found the perfect way of answering back to a scammer who repeatedly asked him for money on Facebook - by responding...

11 Funny Tweets That Will Make You Forget There’s A Recession (Photos+video)

1. At this point, only rich people can buy pizza. 2. When someone is talking about one nonsense independence. 3. When your account balance is the stuff nightmares are...

8 Types Of Police Men You’re Likely To Encounter On The Streets Of Ghana...

Policemen all over the world have different traits. The problem-solvers, the investigators, the heroes, the honorable, the corrupt, the protectors and many more. Ghana has all...

Funny Story!!! Called A Lady Owing Me Money 10 Times She Didn’t Pick Until...

Chai this guy is the baddest guy ever liveth lolsssss…. i twale for ham!  

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