This is my 7 months of marriage and my dreams has turned into nightmare.. it wasn’t what i hoped for. My husband is based in Malaysia and part of the reason why I accepted his proposal was that he promised to take me with him after our wedding.

We did our wine carrying and traditional marriage November 2017, He traveled back to his base and promised to come back to Nigeria latest February for our white and court wedding.. Ever since then, it has been one misfortune after another.. February came and went by and all I got was that I should be patient that things are not turning out as he planned.

Being patient is not an issue for me but some-other things are slowly driving me crazy.. I love sex and I cannot pretend about it. its been 7 months of pure torture for me. I used to get by with pleasuring myself but for some weeks now, the orgasm I get from fingering myself is shallow and no longer deep enough.. My friend thinks that i may have desensitized myself hence the new development. Another thing is the loneliness. I live in a 3 bedroom flat all alone and atimes, i get scared especially when i wake up at night.

Honestly, this is not what i dreamt of when i accepted to marry him.. I do not want to give in to the temptation of cheating but in all honesty, It has gotten to that limit where i wet myself at the mere sight of any man I fancy..

My friend thinks I should call it quits and move on because life is too short but I don’t want to be associated with a broken marriage this early in life..

Please what is the sensible thing to do in this condition? thank you and please keep anonymous