A Nigerian lady identified as Queen Nnanna has shared her story on how she became a makeup artist despite being a graduate of environmental resources management.

Beautiful Nigerian lady speaks on life as a makeup artist despite being a graduate (photo)

Queen Nnanna, the beautiful makeup artist who studied endlessly in school. Source: Facebook, Humans of Abuja.

According to the post made by Humans of Abuja, the young lady said she enjoys being her own boss now even though she searched endlessly for job after graduating. She described herself as a natural when it comes to styling of hair, making nails, and makeup. Everything in the fashion line seems to be her thing.

This made her take the step to learn professionally. She heard a voice that changed her life forever one night she was laying on the bed. She was frustrated with the hunt for job when she received the message she could do anything with her hands.

The beautiful lady made reference to the day her roommate in the university visited her studio to have her face done. The other woman had asked why she allowed herself go through all the hassles of being studying hard in school when she knew she would end up being a makeup artist.

She responded by telling her she did not see it coming even when she was in her fifth year. This made her remember the post she put up on her Facebook page sometimes back. One of her course mates had dropped a comment asking her the same thing the other lady asked too.

The course mate said she did not expect her to end up this way with all the good grades she made in school. The lady said she wished they could exchange grades and that was when the brilliant makeup artist remembered what she graduated with in school.

According to Queen Nnanna, she stayed back after lectures to study. She talked about how she stayed up all night studying like her life depended on it. She said she reads her notes at least three times before sitting for the exam.

See the initial post made on Facebook on Queen Nnanna:

I am a graduate of Environmental resource management, but my career path is totally different from what I studied.
I have always been passionate about the beauty line, I have a natural talent when it comes to things that has to do with hair styling, nails, fashion and makeup and I had to go learn them professionally. I tried applying for jobs after I graduated but it wasn’t forth coming.
After one night of almost getting frustrated, I laid on my bed to sleep and I heard it clearly” the job you are looking for is in your hands”….
That was it…long story cut short. God helped me from scratch to the finish of the setup.

My room mate while I was in the university hostel came to my makeup studio sometime ago to make a booking, after exchanging pleasantries she said “Queen if you know you would end up opening this why did you stay up all those nights studying? Why did you study like your life depended on it? I just smiled and told her I didn’t really see this coming even while in my 5th year in school…

I put up a post sometime back on my Facebook account and one of my course mate back in school commented, said she can’t believe I am now a makeup artist upon all the grade that I made in school and wished we could exchange results, that was when I even remembered what I graduated with. I remembered how I stayed up almost every night studying, how everyone would go home after lectures and I stayed back studying, how I would cover each course nothing less than 3 times before exams, how I would write and demand for extra sheets during exams, the list is endless.

I’m so grateful to God for where I am right now, I did not let circumstances get the best of me, I went for what I loved, and I am enjoying every bit of it. I am my own BOSS.

~Queen Nnanna

During exams, the makeup artist said she would write and end up requesting for extra sheets. She said she could go on and on about the things she did as a student without knowing she would end up this way.

She is thankful for where she is as she did not let circumstances get the best of her. She went for what she loves and she is having fun doing it daily.