Popular Nigerian musician Tiwa Savage has been on a music and video releasing spree in recent times. She has continued her music releasing streak with the release of her latest video titled Get it Now.

We curated three reasons why the video is a must watch. See it below:

1. The setting

This video was primarily shot by her frequent collaborator JM Films in a gym with Tiwa and the models in the video wearing the appropriate clothes albeit sexier. It’s funny that she is in the gym with a full face of makeup. But apart from this little detail, everything works well.

2. Tiwa Savage the seductress

One major trait that is always present in Tiwa’s videos is how she always appears s*xy. In Get It Now, she takes it further by playing the role of a seductress trying to get her gym instructor to come Get It, Now!

3. Tiwa is on a roll!

This is the second video Tiwa has released in 2018 that is her own videos, not counting the ones she has been featured in. If all those videos are counted, she has appeared in close to six videos. Isn’t she on a roll?

Watch the video below: