You want to scam me – Chidi Mokeme’s son tackles father for giving him fake dollar bill in hilarious video


Popular Nigerian actor, Chidi Mokeme has humoured his fans and followers on social media with a video showing a brief exchange with his son.

The actor who is currently out of the country shared a clip showing the moment his son realized that he had been pranked. 


Apparently, Chidi Mokeme had gifted his son some fake dollar bills and the smart chap was quick to notice that the money wasn’t real.

Mokeme’s son came hard at the actor and asked why he thought he had a ‘peanut brain’ and wouldn’t be able to tell that the money was fake.

The actor who refused to let up wondered how he was able to tell that the extra cash he held onto was the real deal, and the little man said he got it from his mum who “doesn’t play with money.”

A different portion of the video saw Mokeme’s son accusing the actor of trying to scam him before he took his exit. Chidi Mokeme captioned the post:

This One Wan Sabi Dollar$ Pass Me.
E No Know Wetin My Eye Don See.
You Don Sabi Fake Dollars.
Just like INEC fake BIVAS.
Put The Blame On Yakubu.
Cos For INEC Last Resort.
Na Just To Find Your Way To Court.
E be like say I go auction this boy.
You think I have a peanut brain ?
No Vex My Son,
Them a call the youth dem lazy.
Now they can’t stop the brain drain.”

See the funny video below:

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