Shocking! Kenyan influencer, Brenda dies while allegedly trafficking drugs for Nigerian boyfriend


A Kenyan Instagram influencer, identified as Brenda Akinyi Ochola, better known as Brendalicious, has reportedly died while allegedly trafficking drugs.

According to reports from the country’s media, Brendalicious died in Malaysia when the cocaine she was carrying burst in her stomach.


Upon arriving at the airport in Malaysia, she allegedly began behaving strangely, which drew the attention of security guards.

She reportedly fell to the ground and started foaming from the mouth, and efforts to save her were unsuccessful.

Subsequent investigations revealed that one of the bags of cocaine she had ingested before the flight had ruptured while still inside her stomach, leading to her sudden and tragic demise. Although she was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital, she unfortunately passed away while undergoing treatment.

The forensic doctors who examined her body made a shocking discovery. They found no less than 34 capsules of cocaine inside her stomach. It is believed that she had ingested the drugs in an attempt to smuggle them into the country for her Nigerian boyfriend.

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