Most beautiful BBN star: Stop comparing me to ‘childless young women’ – Venita Akpofure vents


In a series of now viral tweets, Nigerian film actress cum Big Brother Naija reality TV star has asked people to stop comparing her with their favorite reality TV stars, especially young women ‘who haven’t had kids yet’ or those who haven’t garnered up to ‘5years in the entertainment industry’.

It all started on Twitter, when fans began to name their top most beautiful former BBNaija housemates and Venita made the list. Not as the first, but she was top 5 in some people’s lists while those like Maria, Bella, Diane, Kim Oprah, and the likes were placed before her on some lists.


The mother of two, who expressed her frustration with the constant comparisons, said she has been in the entertainment industry for over ten years to be compared with newcomers.

Venita Akpofure admonished her fans to stop because she doesn’t need to compete with anyone since she is evergreen.

The ‘Before Valentine’sactress added that people should stop turning women against each other and celebrate their individual achievements instead.

She wrote:

“Respectfully I have over ten years in this industry. Pls stop comparing me where I simply don’t need to compete or have competition. None of whom you compare to or with me have even gone through the full cycle of womanhood. I am EVERGREEN.”

“Stop comparing me to young women who haven’t had kids or not even invested up to 5years in my industry. It’s very annoying. I’m a MIDDLE AGED MOTHER of TWO. And I have a show reel that spans a decade while some of ur faves were still in secondary school.”

“Don’t allow my youthful appearance to place me in or on tables that I have shattered & graduated from.  I am gracefully in my own lane.  A VERSATILE talent that has worked across different genres of media at national/international standards . one of the RARE faces to cross thru ALL fields of Creative Industries Music,TV, Film AND Billboards. I said ALL!.”

“I hate the comparisons it’s unnecessary energy. Allow people to have their individual appeals in peace. Stop drumming tension. Stop measuring women against each other. Beauty and Talent is always individual and God given. Every woman is a book on her own. Celebrate them in peace

Before Fame became a sport for clout, when City People Newspaper was tha thing!

While people where on Hi5 and while we were still swapping BlackBerry Pins. I was that girl.

Now I’m that Woman. And I’m living my dreams by doing what I love and living from it. please stop.”

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