Hilda was on hard drugs during her cook-a-thon — Man makes shocking allegations


27-year-old Nigerian chef, Hilda Effiong Bassey, better known as Hilda Baci, has sparked a shocking reaction from a netizen.

The netizen with the username mrpresidentgarry took to Instagram with shocking allegations about the celebrity chef who recently completed an 100 hour cook-a-thon to break the world record.


The Man alleged that Hilda Baci was under the influence of hard drugs, and it aided her win. Stating that the renowned restaurateur and food blogger who used to be quite chubby ‘suddenly’ slimmed down, mrpresidentgarry accused her of being a likely user of an addictive drug called ice (also known as crystal meth)

The Man also knocked Hilda Baci for using her endowed body to attain high places with people in high places like her governor.

Calling on Guinness World Records to check her out, he  stated that he doesn’t support her. In his words:

“The truth is that Hilda did not do that competition with a clear eyes.
Hilda was definitely under the influence of hard drugs. Take a look at @hildabaci former pictures.
She is a chubby person. All of a sudden mama don slim down. The truth is Hilda is most likely to be a user of ICE.
On that faithful day, she took colos and the thought that she could actually win guiness book if she does it oo.. luckily for her, she has used bumbum to know the likes of their shameless governor. Omo @guinnessworldrecords should better check her out.
On behalf of the Nigerian youth, we dont support Hilda to represent us. Cooking is our cultural Value.
And we cannot allow an Olosho spoil that shit.
A woman that has good Character and can cook is what we call a queen.
And not some Ashawo that cooks.”

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