Bimpe Akintunde ‘Wasila Coded’ elated as Kenny George, Itele, others surprise her on birthday [VIDEO]


Nigerian film actress, Bimpe Akintunde who is popularly known as Wasila Coded was captured all smiles, grinning from ear to ear, following a surprise birthday celebration from her colleagues.

The Yoruba movie role interpreter narrated how for the first time, she was surprised on a movie set by her colleagues.


Bimpe stated that her producer had called her for a job that would last till the 11th, but she declined to be on set on the 10th since it was her birthday.

Her producer agreed to her terms and on her birthday eve on Tuesday, Kenny George surprised Bimpe with a birthday bash. Bimpe Akintunde was gifted a cake, sprayed cash and a bard sang her praises.

Taking to her Instagram page, the celebrant appreciated the likes of Kenny George, Ibrahim Yekini ’Itele’, Shola Akintunde and others for the surprise. Captioning the video, Bimpe Akintunde wrote;

“So @kehindeadeyemifilms contacted me for a job from 6th till 11 I told him I can’t work on the 10th because it’s my Birthday, if you are close to me or watch me closely you will know I work too hard. May God crown my efforts, so Egbon me @kehindeadeyemifilms said I work on 9th only obviously the change or swap my role!!!! I got there, I kept telling them tomorrow is My Birthday o, trust @iamkennygeorge Mama Meto herself, Ejima Gbangba, so as we are getting Ready for My Last Scene on set around 10 pm!!! Nah so then Enter me like this o. I am truly honored My Brothers and like this O. I am truly honored, My Brothers and sisters.”

To mark her day, the Yoruba actress shared her last year’s birthday photos as she expressed gratitude to God.

Bimpe Akintunde noted how God loves her too much as she thanked Him for everything.

Speaking about using photos from last year, Bimpe Akintunde stated that for personal reasons she didn’t do a photoshoot this year. She wrote:

“Yah Allah!!!!!
I just want to say Thank you for everything!!! Absolutely everything!!!! I mean Everything!!! Yes, everything!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to Me…. God you Love me too much o!! Too much oooo excess Love ooooo.

NB; the picture was last year’s shoot, I didn’t do a photoshoot this year for personal reasons”. See video:


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