Actress Ruby Ojiakor calls out colleague, Sarraphina for smashing her windscreen unprovoked [VIDEO]


Nollywood actress, Ruby Ojiakor has expressed outrage over the damage done to her windscreen by her colleague and ‘friend’, Sarraphina Amaechi.

In a video that was uploaded online, Ruby Ojiakor was seen driving when she almost collided with Sarraphina.


Seemingly in a bad mood, the actress became angry that Ruby almost collided with her and started causing a scene.

Ruby was still attempting to reassure Sarraphina and explain the situation when she erupted in a rage, pulled an iron rod from her car, and smashed the former’s windscreen.

According to the movie star, she was shocked by the incident and criticized Sarraphina on her Instagram page. Ruby Orjiakor was shocked and wondered what she had done to Sarraphina to merit such annihilation. She wrote:

This just happened now Nd I’m still in total shock, pls advise me. @sexysarraphina_ Pls explain to the world exactly what I did to you cuz I was only joking with you” Nd you know it…..”.

In a follow-up post minutes ago, she expressed gratitude to a stranger for coming to her rescue and helping her out.

Reacting moments after Ruby’s post, Sarraphina took to her Instagram page to write:

People should know their limit.
Only if they no what she did to me.”

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