2face Idibia justifies cheating despite being in love, wife Annie Idibia responds


Nigerian music legend, 2face Idibia has shared his thoughts about cheating on a reality tv show he is currently starring in with his actress wife, Annie Idibia.

Some participants of the Young, Famous and African reality show, including face and Annie were having a conversation about the touchy relationship topic.


However, in the presence of his wife, and much to the surprise of many, 2face stated that a man will still cheat regardless of whether he likes his woman or not.

He said: “Men are wired like that. A man would love a woman to hell. And maybe he is somewhere, his dick will just decide something.
He will fuck. Men don’t give a fuck about that person, he just wants to sort himself out”

Surprised by his statement, Annie asked whether he was talking about himself or men in general.

Are you talking about generally or you’re talking about yourself?” Annie asked.

Responding, 2Face said: “It’s what I believe.”

Still not satisfied with his response, Annie asked again: “Is that you or is that a belief?”

Watch the video below:


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