“Your efforts wouldn’t be wasted” – Afeez Owo consoles wife, Mide Martins as she breaks down in tears (Watch Video)


It is a tough time for actress, Mide Martins as she experiences a huge setback in the movie industry.

Mide Martins and Husband, Afeez Owo
Mide Martins and Husband, Afeez Owo

The actress, who is supposed to be joyous about the premiere of her movie, Onitemi part 2, is however heartbroken after scenes were cut out from the movie.


Following the criticisms she received, she had to pull down the movie, which is a huge debt for her and her producers. With the help of her husband who was consoling her, Mide Martins pleaded with the public to re watch her movie and show her love.

Explaining why the movie was taken down, she said she didn’t like how some scenes were cut off.

She said while crying :

“Hello everyone,
I am sorry to be doing this
I’m not fine and I don’t know how to hide it.
I know people would be asking what happened cause my movie was uploaded on YouTube and I am supposed to be happy but I am not because what was uploaded in the movie was something that gave me sadness. The movie is not completed and for me it’s means my efforts was wasted because of one thing or the other they had to remove some scenes which is not right.

Movie making is not about money making, it’s passing a message across to people. So I don’t like it, so I told them to pull it down cause I want the movie to be re uploaded”.

She captioned the video with,

“Who are we to question the will of God almighty, everything in life happens for a particular reason!! My latest ONITEMI Part 2 was uploaded this morning and due to some reasons had to be pulled down and re-uploaded which means me loosing a lot on the movie but it’s okay what is what doing is what doing well. I say a huge thank you everyone who have very supportive on this project. You guys are the best!!”.

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