Woman and Her Entire Family Weep, Hugs Taxi Driver after returning N400k She Forgot in His Car (VIDEO)


An amazing Ghanaian taxi driver whose name is yet to be identified has done the unthinkable on the morning of Wednesday, May 11, 2022, in a video that is making the rounds.

In the footage, the driver had returned an amount of GH¢8,000 (N440k) that was mistakenly dropped by a market woman in his vehicle.

Although he saw the money the day before, the driver did not get the opportunity to return it to the woman but decided to do so the very next morning.

Upon seeing him with the money, the woman and her entire household who had already known that she lost a huge amount of money could not hold back their tears as they all took turns hugging him passionately.

Netizens hail the taxi driver who returned the money

The video, since it got shared online, has been heaping many heartwarming reactions.

Romeo Gyimah said: “What will it profit a man if he gained the whole world and loses his life???? After all there are still good people in Ghana, and that can give us hope! God bless you.”

Alfred Okyere-Darko commented: “Only a few bad nuts are taking the shine out of the good deeds of millions of Ghanaians. Ghana is still an icon in the world.”

Edward D Ofori indicated: “God will bless him abundantly always. Those greedy and thieves should learn from him. There’s no blessing in what’s not yours and but wrongfully have it.”

Watch the video below: