”Will you wife a woman like me” – Beautiful Lady Shows Off Her Unique Skin, Asks Peeps if they Would Agree to Marry Her (PHOTOS)


A beautiful lady identified as Nicky on Twitter has glowed in a photo showing off her unique skin and fashion quality.

The UK-based lady uploaded the eye-popping snap flexing her confidence in a colourful outfit.

She enhanced her looks with long black hair extensions, a silver necklace, and a fashionable nose ring.

Captioning the image, she wrote: ”Will you wife a woman like me.”

Nicky did not reveal the condition responsible for her unique complexion. However, vitiligo is a condition that causes a person’s skin to lose its pigment cells (melanocytes), according to Mayo Clinic.

At the time of writing this report, her post had gone viral and garnered 4,314 retweets, 800 quote tweets, and 81.8K likes.

See more photos below:

@Peterinho07 said: ”Beautiful isn’t really by appearance, it’s all about the beauty of your soul and the meekness of your heart.

”You look like a beautiful soul but I can’t really say until we become much closer but I must admit you’re beautiful the way you are and I’m sure you must make a good wife.”

@adeshinaOflagos commented: ”You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself, you are beautiful the way you are don’t let anyone belittle you, you are pretty in and out, you are every man’s dream lady trust me.

”The person that gonna love you will love you for who you are not what you are, wish I have a lady like you any lad will be lucky to have.”

@MasengaAlfred said: ”I guess you already have names for our kids.”

@TamaraN05513972 commented: ”You’re so beautiful but I’m a fellow girl.”

@Mbogo31328202 said: ”You are a real wife, this is who you are, you are special and of your own kind.

”Believe in yourself and you are beautiful. Beauty is not your facial appearance but the purity of your heart and God has a reason to create you in the mold of a woman. You are treasured.”