“When love comes is always like a dream but when it goes its like a nightmare” – Nkechi Blessing’s ex-husband, Opeyemi makes final statement on clash with actress, reveals what he will do


Popular actress, Nkechi Blessing’s estranged husband, Opeyemi Falegan, has explained what let to his public outburst about his separation with the movie star.

Nkechi Blessing
Nkechi Blessing

Falegan took to his Instagram page to explain what led him to the public rant over his marriage to the actress.

He said that some blogger contacted him to know if he was married or not and he had to share the vital information he let out to the public.

The ex-movie star hubby further apologised to the general public over the things he said and announced that he will be leaving the social media until further notice.

“I wanna tell everyone that I will be leaving the social media till further notice, I have decided to remain quiet as silence is golden. When love comes is always like a dream but when it goes its like a nightmare.”

Check out his post below:

Nigerians react to Falegan’s apology

Social media users across the country have reacted differently to Opeyemi Falegan’s apology to the general public.

we picked some of the comments, read below:

Moon_sidelife: “U better finish what I started oo.”

Zeezah_______: “Na you start am now… Now you wan go break.:

Iamvickyj_: “Understanding and patience is what keeps people who are in love together. Not only love.”

Hairbeautyby_mira: “No oh. Na you start the violence oh. Better complete am.”

Cedarcleopatra: “They don cast this one finish,you started it and you’re going off ‍♀️,make sure you find a work too.”

Anutioluwa: “You started it though. And alas,she surprised you. I was expecting this sooner or later!!!. BYE BYE, we definitely won’t miss you.”