They Threatened to Kill Me: Mummy G.O Cries Out, speaks on how most of the videos about her were edited and why she talks about people going to hellfire


The founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo, popularly called Mummy G.O, has said most of the videos about her on social media have been doctored.

Mummy GO
Mummy GO

The Evangelist made this disclosure in an interview published by BBC Pidgin on Sunday, January 9.

Several video clips of Evangelist Adebayo have been seen on social media where she said footballers, women who wear makeup and others will not make heaven.

Addressing the statements captured in the viral videos and memes, the cleric said most of the videos have been edited.

She added that those behind the videos trending on social media have been after her for over eight years, adding that they once sent gunmen after her.

Her words:

“All those videos are edited. Even Lucifer, if he’s made a pastor today, will he ever say all those things attributed to me talk less of someone called a holiness preacher?

“So, most of those things attributed to me were never said by me. The people behind the trend have been at it for over eight years. Sometimes they make use of magazines. When that didn’t work, they sent gunmen after me.”

She alleged that some clerics are after her because their members are pulling out of their churches upon hearing her message.

Her words:

“I’ve been receiving some strange calls saying ‘Evangelist Funmilayo you are affecting us. Many of our members hear your message and they pull out of our church. If you don’t stop, we will kill you’.

“I thought it was just a threat until we started seeing gunmen chasing us while driving, coming to our church to threaten us and so on. At times, when I’m inside a banking hall, they take my picture and forward it to me, saying if they wanted to have me killed, they would have done so. They say they will disgrace me if I don’t stop. When they saw that I didn’t stop, they decided to make use of social media trends.”

Nevertheless, the cleric defended some of her viral statements including those on footballers and women who wear make-ups.

Why my message is always centred on heaven and hellfire

Asked to state why her message is always centred on heaven and hellfire, Mummy GO said her focus is to ensure that people avoid things that will send them to hellfire.

She said:

“My message is to ensure that people make heaven. I want them to avoid things that will prevent them from making heaven, things that will send them to hellfire. My message also prepares people for the rapture because Jesus is coming back, whether people believe it or not.

“Apart from the message I deliver, God is doing healings and miracles as we get testimonies from all over the world.”

I don’t feel bad about being called Mummy GO

Evangelist Adebayo also said she does not feel bad about the Mummy G.O tag given to her on social media.

She said:

“I don’t feel bad about being called Mummy G.O. Why should I feel bad? Many never knew I existed until they were told many bad things about me, but the wise among them will want to know the truth, from there they will know the real me.

“90 per cent of them don’t know me. They are just flexing on social media to flow with the trend. They don’t even know the reason behind the trend. There’s too much stress in this country, so people are easily carried away by anything that will make them laugh.

“They don’t know that those who started the trend did so to create a scandal. Some didn’t even know I truly exist, they thought it was all a joke. They are not my enemies, they don’t hate me nor do I hate them.”