The Man Allegedly Causing Davido And Chioma’s Relationship Crisis Exposed, Threatens Singer, has 6 kids, 5 baby mamas


The man who is allegedly responsible for Chioma Rowland’s issue with her baby daddy, Davido has been exposed on social media.

Davido and Chioma
Davido and Chioma

It was rumored that Chioma had moved on and now dating another man despite the assurance Davido gave her and this man is a suspected drug baron known as Kelvin Adeshina Akinjola.

It was also alleged that Davido blocked Chioma on Instagram for attending Kelvin Adeshina Akinjola’s birthday party in Dubai last week.


In a new development, popular undercover Instagram blogger Cutie Juls has alleged that Kelvin Adeshina Akinjola has allegedly threatened Davido, who is currently in Dubai.

According to Cutie Juel, Kelvin Adeshina Akinjola is allegedly a fraudster with 6 kids and five baby mamas and he was arrested twice and deported from Kenya over drug-related issues.

The post reads:

“Kelvin Adeshina Akinjola please allow father and son na. No be everybody them dey threatened o. Now see wetin you cause!! Hmmm I talk my own

NB: life threatening issues dey go on for Dubai and people wey no understand say someone dey take bribe.  Meet Kelvin Adeshina Akinjola. A 33 year old Nigerian Drug baron and a highly active fraudster.

He is currently in Dubai which is a mystery just as he mysteriously entered Kenya the 2nd time even after he had previously been banned from entering the country for at least a period of 10 years

He has 6 kids with 5 babymamas While he lived in his home country Nigeria, he used to be an active member of cultism. Presently, he is not able to travel out of Dubai.

Kelvin is a very notorious and dangerous street boy and honestly I fear for whoever is bears grudges. He can go any length. He just threatened someone’s life in Dubai and it’s scary. At least we at Cutie juls knowing a little about him, we are scared.”

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