See Better Woman: Touching Video of Actor Mr Ibu’s Wife Cutting His Nails on Sick Bed Warms Hearts Online (Watch Video)


Nollywood actor John Okafor aka Mr Ibu is in the thoughts of his fans and supporters as he is currently battling a medical challenge.


The actor’s daughter has been sharing updates on social media and a recent video she posted sparked sweet reactions from netizens.

The video captured the moment Mr Ibu’s wife tended to his long fingernails while he was on the sickbed.

Mr Ibu’s daughter was also heard in the background addressing those who have been spreading false narratives.

She mentioned that the actor’s wife has been taking care of him ever since he fell sick. From indications, the comic star was slightly asleep while the video was being recording.

Watch the video below:


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Fans wish Mr Ibu speedy recovery

Kojo ABBAN Esq- said: “Get well soon sir. We want to see on the screens very soon.”

finebomis said: “Even on a sick bed he’s still very dramatic quick recovery.”

thegirltessy said: “Even on his sick bed his legendary funny facial expressions are still intact.”

rossy_laurah said: “I’m saying a word of prayer for Mr Ibu… I wish him Divine healing.”

justdanza.4 said: “Bless her.”

lannis____ said: “Moral lesson:side chick won’t be there for you on your sick bed,invest in your wife.”

luxxi_guxxi_official said: “God please grant this man healing don’t want to lose another.”

NanaQuamE said: “Please Mr IBU get well soon we still need more from you.”

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