“Please you people should help me and tell this girl to stop carrying my picture to church” – Man cries out as lady takes his picture to church after ‘mistakenly’ promising her marriage


Embattled young man cries out for help on how to detangle himself from a lady he once promised marriage that took his picture to church.

According to a Twitter user identified as @Alinwakingsley, he made advances to a lady once with an assurance of putting a ring on her finger during the coming Easter celebration.

Fortunately for him, the lady has been taking his picture to church to pray for their union to be sealed.

“Please you people should help me and tell this girl to stop carrying my picture to church for pastor to pray for me to marry her because I mistakenly said I will in Easter. I think we all know that when you go to market, not all the goods you price there you end up buying 🤕,” he wrote in a tweet.

Social media reactions

@2muchdrags said: “Carry her picture to church too and pray for mind of rejection, it’s called GG on sportybet.”

@obijoseph_c said: “So other girls that tasted our product and left us for another man… Did we carry their pictures to church???”

@AboladeOlaniran said: “Did you taste her product or you just priced am, cos for she to be taking your picture here and there you’ve tasted her product. Ọgá! Go carry your wife!!”

@JamesOnyemachi said: “You enter market,taste garri,,,e sweet you,,,,,you taste again,,,,,e sweet you,,,,you come price am self,,,now the seller don agree to sell to you,,,,,,why you come dey beg nah ??? “The one you taste nko ?? Who go buy am ??”

@francfec said: “When you dey chop her you didn’t tell us now your telling us to help you tell her to stop carrying your picture to church. Abeg carry your cross.”