“Officially make Eniola Ajao your wife” Odunlade Adekola’s fans counsel him after he gave Eniola Ajao a massive surprise birthday (Watch video)


Following his shower of love on his colleague and rumored side chic, Eniola Ajao, fans of actor Odunlade Adekola have asked him officially make her his wife instead of ‘deceiving’ the world by claiming she is just a colleague.

Eniola Ajao
Eniola Ajao

We reported that Odunlade Adekola dedicated two different Instagram posts in celebration of Eniola Ajao’s birthday today.


In one of the posts, Odunlade Adekola eulogised Eniola Ajao with beautiful compliments such as pretty, gorgeous, a star, fantastic actor and wonderful human.

Sharing photos of her on his Instagram page, the actor captioned them “Pretty…Eniola..Beautiful..Eniola
Gorgeous… Eniola…Star …Eniola…Fantastic actor… Eniola…Wonderful Human … Eniola….Great Heart …. Eniola
Let me stop there! I pray God will answer all your prayers…The glory of God will continue to shine in your life
IRAWO E KONI WOKUN LAGBARA OLORUN. Happy birthday to you @eniola_ajao Enjoy your day!!! “

See some photos below

Eniola Ajao
Eniola Ajao
Eniola Ajao
Eniola Ajao

Also Taking to her Instagram page, Eniola Ajao shared when Odunlade Adekola surprised and captured dancing together at the party.

Eniola Ajao said her birthday has been awesome as she appreciates Odunlade Adekola for the massive surprise and prayed that God would continue to enrich him.

Today has been awesome. This love is too much o, A massive surprise from my boss @odunomoadekola Thank you so much sir, May God Continue to enrich you. Watch Video below

Interestingly the birthday message got many of his fans talking.

One Lekan wrote “Aren’t you already a couple, put my wife bros”

Another Segun responded with “Just call her the king’s wife, we know”

Whole one Audu wrote “Hello Mr odunlade my best actor..escuse me I head this lady she is your second wife? How truth about it ? Thank you”

One Yomi “Stop confusing us, declare your wife, or sweetheart or darling or my queen”

It is no longer news that Odunlade Adekola is very instrumental in the acting career of Eniola Ajao, and their close friendship had made people speculate that they are dating, but the duo had repeatedly denied it.

Recall Odunlade Adekola was a few weeks ago, thrown a surprise soiree for his 45th birthday by Eniola Ajao and her mum, Aunty Mobo and while the soiree was going on, Eniola interrupted the dance session of Odunlade Adekola’s wife, Ruth.

While Odunlade Adekola’s mum was being sprayed money by the celebrant, his wife joined in and the singer began hailing her, reciting “You are not an unfaithful wife, you are a very good wife…” in the native Yoruba language.

While Ruth was being hailed as a good wife, Eniola Ajao stormed the dance session, began shaking her bum and attention shifted to her. The chanter began hailing her as well and she also took turns to dance with Odunlade’s mum.

As if that wasn’t enough, while giving his appreciation message, Odunlade Adekola publicly honored Eniola Ajao and her mum.

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