Nigerian Lady Runs Mad but Her Dog Refuses to Abandon Her, visits and plays with her everyday


A dog has been commended on social media for staying loyal to its owner who is currently having mental challenges.

According to the story shared on Twitter by @Nigeriangod_, the woman has been abandoned by relatives and friends, but the dog keeps visiting the her each night.

Dog walks at least 1km to meet her owner

Photos of the dog and its mentally challenged owner playing in the streets at night have made many people emotional.

Sharing the photos, @Nigeriangod_ wrote:

“There’s this mentally unstable woman opposite the area where I stay, I noticed that every night a dog used to come play with her & the way they both interact is always a beauty to watch.

“I was told she owned the dog before she had her mental issues and it comes visiting her every night when it’s been released to go and play, funny enough the dog walks from close to a kilometer to come play with her then go back home.

See the tweet below:

Social media users react

The story of the dog has attracted very emotional comments from Twitter users. Here are some of them:

@sametoolz said: “This got me even more emotional, dogs were created to be a man’s companion. Wish she will get help n be taken off the streets.”

@umohjoe reacted: “I don’t believe her mental health is that bad if she still recognized her dog and even plays it. She needs help and care – medically.”

@denymanuel009 reacted: “It’s now u will understand why animals entered the Noah ark more than human beings.”