“My Boyfriend wants to break up with me because I am going to Canada for my Studies” – Beautiful Lady cries out.. What should she do?


A young Ghanaian lady has taken her relationship woes online in search of a solution after finding herself in a rather tight spot with her boyfriend.

Narrating her story to Starr Forum on GHOne, the young lady who went anonymous revealed that her boyfriend, who she loves to the moon and back, is threatening to break up with her if she travels outside the country for her master’s degree.

According to the narrator, her father is already going through preparations to get her a visa and other important documents she needs to leave for Canada for her studies but she does not want to lose her boyfriend either.

What Ghanaians had to say

Upon reading her predicament, Ghanaians rushed into the comment section to share some thoughts with the lady.

Below were some of their reactions.

AmaRock Van Sarkodie said: What sacrifices has your boyfriend done for you yet and would he have what he’s asking you to do for him? In my humble opinion he is not the kind of man you should think of marrying. He will sabotage your progress all your life. Why should even allow your boyfriends opinion trumps that of your father?

Kabriku Mwinviel Rhaymond mentioned: Can you please pass the opportunity to my baby, she doesn’t mind taking another masters esp in Canada. Be there

Tetteh Mensah indicated: Seems the guy does not want the progress of the lady. And a such, a guy like this one does not qualify to be a boyfriend. lol

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