Man struggles to stand after sleeping with three Ashawo at a local brothel (video)


It appears a man who was at a local brothel for a marathon coitus with three call girls bit more than he could chew as he was unable to stand up after the exercise.


One of the hookers is seen holding an unidentified man who can barely stand on his own in a video that has gone viral.

The man had intercourse with three girls at once, thus it was assumed he was there to show off his bedmatic skills, but the exercise eventually took its toll on him.

After being mocked by other sex workers, he was given a chair to sit in before being poured water over his head to help him regain his strength.

Watch video below,

In other news, a trending video shows the moment a heated argument ensued between a man and a lady who asked him for his balance.

The lady confronted a man who owed her money, demanding that he pay her the outstanding balance. According to her, the man went back on their initial agreement of N100,000 and paid her just N50,000.

Although she didn’t mention what the money was for or the business they had together, in the viral video she’s seen preventing the man from leaving the scene without paying her.

The man then said he was going to ‘disgrace’ the lady after she prevented him from going into his car. He called her rude and proceeded to give her a punch on the face since she wouldn’t let him go, which left her with a bloodied mouth.

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