Man snatches wig and slippers he bought for girlfriend after spotting her on a date with another man (video)


A young man lost his cool and publicly humiliated his girlfriend after spotting her on a date with another man. In a viral video, the man is seen angrily retrieving the wig and footwear he bought for her.

The said lady was in the company of a man and another lady at a restaurant when her boyfriend stormed the venue and confronted her, demanding to know why she was there without his knowledge.

“Please stop embarrassing us,” the woman told the man, as he accosted her.

This angered him and he bent to grab the woman’s slippers and removed her wig.

“What is this? What is the meaning of this?” the woman being confronted asked as the man tried to pull her slippers.

The man then pointed at the other man on the table and asked the woman, “Who is this person?”

Watch video below,

Reacting to the video, netizens berated the man’s actions, with many tagging him as irresponsible. See some comments below,

@iam_deedi said: “Now this is stupidity Fr,that’s why you see ladies dating matured men not because they want lots of money it’s just the respect been given while with matured men… they give peace of mind my thoughts though.”

@seundreams said: “If you know u can’t be faithful in a relationship then be ready to whatever consequences that comes with it.”

@bimborella1 said: “He rendered her useless!!!…sebi nah the wig and slippers i bought for you dey make you feel you have arrived???…e remain her top and leggings.”

@thiswillssef said: “I didn’t support what he did..just lock up and go.. she saw you, she is already disgraced you showing up there….#but now una teo dun disgrace una selves.”

@_chartzy, “Stopping collecting gifts from touts and broke guys you say No”.

@tracygoldbeauty, “U see y I will always work for my money also stop dating small small boy’s”.

@osadipeosadipe, “Wey the judas wey carry her come restaurant 😂😂He should be a married man”.

@ayakabiyesi, “This is the height of it. Stop dating irresponsible men, you will not hear. The real big girls work for their money”.