Man seeks advice as his virgin girlfriend gets pregnant despite not having sex, he reveals what he found out


A Nigerian man, name undisclosed, has sought advice from a public discussion group following his girlfriend’s uncommon predicament.

Man Crying
Man Crying

Wondering how possible it is for a lady to get pregnant without having s*x, the embattled young man expressed shock after a doctor confirmed to him that his virgin girlfriend is pregnant.

Though he confessed to trying to deflower the girl at one time, he maintain that there was no penetration even though there was a bit of contact.

He said he searched on Google and the feedback was that it was actually possible for a virgin to get pregnant.

In his words: “Hello sir, please hide my identity. Which kind wahala I enter like this for something wey I no do. Doctor don confirm that my girlfriend is pregnant when we did not do anything s*x.

“I only tried to deflower her, when i saw that it was too tight and she was crying, I couldn’t so I told her that we should do a relationship without s*x till wen we get married (there was small contact small).

“Three weeks later, she started complaining that her body is changing and no menstruation.

“Now, I took her to the hospital and the doctor said she is pregnant. 

“I don die!! As I argue with the doctor, he told be to Google “can a virgin get pregnant” and this is what came out.

“I still no believe, I tested the girl again, she is still a virgin.”

“Which kind wahala be this for something wey no do, Mr. Jay, help me..what can I do?”