Lady who got married to her blood brother without knowing, bears 4 kids, shares her story (Watch Video)


A lady identified as Domitila has said she married her brother without knowing because she never knew she had one.

According to the story, their parents abandoned them when they were very small and they got scattered in different places with no one to look after them

They grew up apart

None of the two siblings knew they were related because they didn’t grow up together as their parents left them.

Domitila traveled to the city to look for a job only fr to meet and fall in love with her own brother without knowing.

They bore four children

They would later get married and produce four children before it was discovered by people who were able to trace their family roots that they were related by blood and share the same parents.

After the shocking discovery, Domitila was ostracised by the community as no one want to relate with her. Her children all look disabled and people readily point to that as a proof of the in..cest.

Unable to bear the shame, Domitila left the marriage and took her four children to live alone in a tattered house until an NGO known as Giving Life Foundation found her.

The foundation has bought her a new house and given her and her children a brand new hope for tomorrow. Afrimax English shared the shocking video on YouTube.

Watch the video below:

YouTube users react

Mukunzi Ntusi said: “Those who cursed them are now envying them. No condition is permanent. Trust in God. Thanks to you all who took part in making this happen, may God bless you.”

Flurance Mbone commented: “May God bless afrimax. And may he also continue to favour this family.”

Okwy Frank said: “God is really great, may God bless the donor and bless Afrimax who God had being using to elevate people from abject poverty.”