Juliana Olayode opens up about getting pregnant before marriage, shares test results with fans


Actress Juliana Olayode in an Instagram post on Tuesday shared her pregnancy test result with fans.

Juliana ‘Toyo baby’ Olayode
Juliana ‘Toyo baby’ Olayode

Earlier, she dislcosed that her doctor advised she run a pregnancy test following an undisclosed illness.

Announcing the result on the social media platform, Juliana Olayode said the result was out and those who wanted her pregnant will have to be patient because she is not getting pregnant before marriage.

Juliana also gave a shoutout to those who took their time to explain why the pregnancy test was needed in the first place.

“Hello tueh tueh.. Awa test result is out oh all the pregnancy pipu in my DM e ma ni suru,( you will calm down oh) the pregnancy you wish upon me is until I marry, so you will have a lot of patience(opolopo suru).

“SHOUTOUT to everyone who took their time to explain the center piss (midstream urine test) to me, I learnt so much. Thank you,” she wrote.

Recall that earlier this year, Juliana Olayode called out her former Pastor.

Actress Juliana Olayode and Pastor Timi Adigun tackled each other on Instagram on January 25, 2022.

It all started when Juliana took to her Instagram page to call out the man of God, Timi Adigun over passwords and also ask him to leave her alone.

Apparently, the actress and Adigun have been at loggerheads over the years and in a new video, she called on him to release passwords to her social media pages while equally narrating her horrible experience with Adigun when she approached him for the passwords.

The actress made it clear that she’s exhausted and doesn’t want anyone calling or texting her on the right steps to handle the matter Your support matters.

This was coming after the Pastor of MINE Teens Ministry, Timi Adigun previously released an apology and confessed to being nvolved in “inappropriate behaviour with females” of his ministry.