Isbae U and Mummy Wa Finally Broke Up Due to Domestic Violence Issues – How Mummy Wa contributed money to help Isbae U buy his house, Cars, what she faced while dating Isbae U (Details)


Two talented comedians who came together to form a couple have allegedly broken up with their relationship. If you are conversant with Instagram, you would know Isbae U and Mummy Wa were dating themselves.

Recall that Isbae U trended in the country a few months ago due to a leaked scandal and video. A video was informed by one of the slay queens Isbae U was having affairs with on Instagram. The lady threatened to release his nudes to social media and use that to blackmail the comedian. The slay queen later released the tapes after collecting a series of payments to keep the pictures and videos. Many Isbae U fans were furious at his mischief, and he also lost trust in some of them.

In reality, Mummy Wa, who happened to be his girlfriend, was quiet about the incident. I meant that she did not post about it on her Instagram page, but I am very sure they have a misunderstanding under their roof.

According to a gossip blog named Gistlover, they made it known that at this moment, Isbae U and his girlfriend, Mummy Wa, are not dating anymore. According to the source, the main reason for their breakup is that Isbae U usually beats Mummy Wa. In addition to this, Isbae also cheats on Mummy Wa by involving in relationships with other girls.

sharing the news, gislover wrote:

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